Day trips in the state of Illinois

Illinois day trips

Feeling a little bored with the everyday routine? Head out on a day trip and explore some of the great things Illinois has to offer.

Six Flags Great America

Beat the summertime heat by hitting the amazing water park at Six Flags. Or get your thrills on one of their many incredible roller coasters, if you are so inclined! They just installed a record-breaking wooden coaster that will get your heart pumping.

Cache River State Park

If you’re into outdoorsy stuff, Cache River State Park offers some of the most amazing wilderness in Illinois. This ancient cypress swamp contains, among other wonders, 11 of our state’s “champion trees.”

Navy Pier

It might be right in your back yard, but how much time have you spent there lately? Take the day off and visit one of Chicago’s biggest attractions, stroll the boardwalk, ride on the ferris wheel, see a live performance, and eat at one of the many top-notch restaurants.

Image courtesy Flickr/Kevin Dooley